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Short stories: Give in to me Give in to me

By Jennifer Gardner

An erotic tale of timeless desire

It was late and the alley was dark and silent. All that could be heard was the clicking of stilettos on rain-washed asphalt as Kym walked quickly home. Her hands were buried deeply in the pockets of a very expensive leather jacket and her long legs quivered slightly against the cold night air that seeped into her bones and made her quicken her step.

She knew better than to be walking through an ill-lit alley at the dead of night. But she was young and feisty, and confident that she could handle trouble if she had to. A thin cylinder of ghostly white trailed from her long, slim fingers and her deep red lips puckered with the cold as exhaled a cloud of smoke. She slowed momentarily and glanced quickly over her shoulder. There was nothing there. She quickened her pace again, taking another long and satisfying drag on her cigarette and continued to walk briskly into the night.

Behind her, slowly at first, she thought she heard something—or someone. But when she gathered up the nerve to look again, she could hear and see nothing. She stopped completely, peering nervously backwards into the gloomy night and shuddered as she imagined who, or what, might be following her. Only when she began walking again did she hear perfectly quiet steps, perfectly timed to her own. They slowed down when she slowed down and sped up when she quickened her step. It was as if she were being followed by her own shadow; a reflection mimicking her every move.

“Who’s there?” she called out boldly. Kym didn't scare easily and she knew that whoever was following her was more likely to fear her than she them. But the night answered with silence. “I said, who the fuck is there?” she repeated, slightly bolder this time, yet shivering with the cold.

“I am.”
The voice was small and far away. Kym recognised it as American, weak and distant.
“What do you want?”
“You.” A little louder now. Closer. Stronger.

Kym turned suddenly on her heel and began walking rapidly away from the disconcerting voice. The steps behind her quickened in time with her own, until they were both running at full speed and she was breathing heavily. Slowing, she fumbled in her bag for another cigarette. She had dropped the first one long ago. She lit it with a trembling hand, but dare not turn around to see who, or what, was behind her. The pursuing footsteps stopped. The night closed in around her.

Catching her breath, she looked upward and took a few faltering steps forward as the full moon emerged from a bank of dark purple cloud. Its weak radiance illuminated the alley with a sickly light. She told herself she was hearing things and started walking again. Moments later, she heard the voice again, dangerously close this time and so calm it frightened her.

“Give in to me.”

She kept on walking but so did whatever was behind her, silently gaining on her, as its voice, which Kym now recognised as a woman's, grew ever louder. Always saying the same thing: “Give in to me.”

She knew she must be getting to the end of the alley soon and hurried to reach the safety of lights and people. She dare not turn around and began to run again. But the voice drew ever nearer, more urgent with every passing moment. Visibly shaken, Kym dashed forward even as she felt a hand reach out for her shoulder. She stumbled forward and fell to the pavement.

“Why do you run?”
The voice was softer now, sweeter, compelling Kym to turn around to look at the shrouded figure bending over her. 'She is not a monster, that much is certain', she said to herself, taking in the slight build and delicate features of the mysterious girl looking down at her. Dark blond hair framed an unnaturally pale and serious face. A pair of deepset, green eyes regarded here with an expression of hunger tinged with infinite regret. The girl wore a long black coat, perhaps leather, that reached to her calves.

“What do you want?” Kym asked again.
She caught a sudden glimpse of small, perfect white teeth glistening under the moonlit sky as the girl smiled sardonically. “You,” she whispered softly.
In one fluid movement, the girl stood over Kym and held out a pale hand to help her up. Only slightly comforted by the hypnotic voice and kindness of the gesture, Kym gave the stranger her hand and allowed herself to be pulled up from the ground. The girl's strength astonished her. Caught off guard, she let herself be pushed violently against the wall. The woman introduced herself as 'Darvi' and crushed Kym between the wall and her own body, placing a cold hand over her mouth so she couldn't scream. Writhing beneath that icy grip, Kym fought against her aggressor. She was several inches taller than Darvi but not nearly as strong.

“Oh, resisting will only make it sweeter,” said the girl as she began to run her free hand down the front of Kym’s taut body. Her long, crimson nails raked Kym’s perfectly tanned cheek and travelled tenderly down her neck. Suddenly, Darvi wrenched open Kym’s jacket and slowly began unbuttoning her blouse, while keeping her hungry gaze fixed on her victim's beautiful, frightened, brown eyes. The cold air hit Kym's naked stomach like a physical blow as she tore herself away from the girl's caresses, but her assailant pressed her back against the alley wall and uncovered her mouth.

She tried to scream, but her throat wouldn't form the sounds. Her red lips quivered as she sucked the cold night air deeply into her lungs. Darvi had reason to uncover Kym’s mouth. She needed two hands to unfasten her victim’s bra. Kym knew she couldn't escape and part of her no longer wanted to. She was firmly pinned against the wall by her assailant's almost superhuman strength. Her hands were free, but short of scratching her stalker’s eyes out, she didn't know what to do with them.

“That wouldn’t be a good idea,” said the girl with a triumphant laugh. “Without eyes I wouldn't be able to see your naked beauty.” Kym stopped struggling. She was suddenly intrigued and aroused by the power this woman had over her; a woman she seemed to know so well yet didn't know at all. She felt protected in those powerful arms. She realised that Darvi could read the thoughts that were now crowding into her mind and shivered in anticipation.

Several people walked by, oblivious to the two bodies half hidden in the semi-darkness. Darvi and Kym paid them no attention; they were far too captivated with one another to care. In between short, biting kisses on the side of Kym’s mouth, Darvi slowly slipped off her victim's bra and ran her hands down the front of her body, flicking her long nails over her erect nipples. “Give in to me,” she whispered between deep, passionate kisses, as her other hand stroked Kym’s long, dark hair.

Kym shuddered and sighed deeply as Darvi's mouth fastened lightly on her neck. A sweet, dark longing rushed through her limbs in exquisite waves of pain, or was it pleasure? She pressed her legs together as the girl bit gently into her unresisting flesh, feeling the moisture gather between them as Darvi's golden hair caressed her cheek. Involuntarily she laid her head upon her shoulder and reaching up a hand, pressed her lover's face more closely too her, hating herself, yet longing for the intense pleasure to course once more through her aching loins. Soft voices seemed to sing in her blood, the blood that her dark lover was now lapping greedily from the tiny punctures in her neck. She closed her eyes and surrendered herself to the pain and pleasure, grunting out her ecstasy as her panties filled with her gushing juices.

"You came?" asked Darvi softly. It was more a triumphant affirmation of her victory than a question. Kim nodded, too shocked to speak and relaxed into her assailant's arms as Darvi lifted her face and began to kiss her breasts. She moaned as cold hands impatiently parted her long legs and pushing up her skirt, eagerly drew her wet panties down her thighs. She cried out as Darvi's fingers touched her, excited by the moisture they encountered and the thought of Darvi’s mouth following. But Darvi made her wait and kissed her neck again, lapping up the blood that lay like shining rubies upon her soft skin.

Strange, yet familiar lips opened and closed around Kym's mouth, as if to suck the very breath out of her beautiful lover. At the last moment, Darvi kissed Kym's neck again and she climaxed even harder in a long, shuddering orgasm as her lover drank deeply from her.
"Kiss me again," gasped Kym. "Kiss me and drink, my love."
Darvi laughed, her lips aflame with Kym's blood, and pressed them eagerly against her lover's mouth. Kym exhaled a long, hard breath that seemed to breathe renewed life into the pale woman bending over her.

Kym began to shake uncontrollably as her lover's face travelled down between her thighs. Although her fingers were cold, her tongue was warm and soft, and the combination of the two made Kym arch her back against the wall in a loud cry of pleasure. Effortlessly, Darvi lifted Kym’s legs up and over each shoulder until her dripping, pink sex lay wide open before her. Slowly at first, with circling movements of her tongue, she began to lick her lover, drinking the sweet juices that ran down her victim's thighs, reaching further and further in, barely aware of Kym’s shuddering moans above her. She rocked her victim gently up against the wall of the alleyway in a rhythm that increased with the urgent motion of her flicking, thrusting tongue.

Every movement whispered: 'Give in to me.' Kym’s body obeyed, opening ever wider to admit the probing fingers reaching deep inside her. She could feel the roughness of the alley rubbing against her naked buttocks and revelled in it, tightening her thighs around her lover's face as Darvi rocked her roughly back and forth in time with her increasingly urgent thrusts. The painful scraping of her skin only heightened the rush of another approaching orgasm as Darvi pounded her fingers deeper and began to lick furiously at Kym's engorged lips.

Kym’s moans grew into one long, drawn out wail of pleasure that echoed down the alley. When she finally came, Darvi lifted her head and stepped back, holding her victim there; Kym's naked breasts and wet belly exposed; pushed hard up against the wall, displaying her shameless desire to every passerby; inviting them to use her as her dark mistress had done.

Give in to meDarvi maintained her powerful grip, determined to make her lover come as long and hard as possible. An elderly couple averted their eyes and hurried by as Kym climaxed again in a long, wailing cry; a cry that rose to a scream of mingled pain and pleasure when Darvi bit down hard just beside Kym's glistening labia, her ravaged body bucking and writhing as her dark mistress took her fill of her. Then, as Darvi tenderly held Kym's relaxing body in her arms and greedily swallowed the delicious juices that flowed from below, she eased her down to the pavement with a gentle touch. Only when she was sated, did she crawl over her victim's exhausted body and plant a soft kiss on the corner of her mouth. Kym was too weak to kiss her back but could taste her own blood in her mouth.

Darvi lay down beside Kym’s limp figure and wrapped her long coat over her acolyte's shivering body. She would protect her like this until the sun came up.

After that she was on her own.

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Story © 2005 Jennifer Gardner. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
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Short Stories
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