Ms Givings Very Personal Problem Pages
Ms Givings Personal Problem Pages
Some very personal problems visitors have sent to us are of an intimate nature. If you are of a shy, nervous nature, please leave while your pants are still clean
Last updated 20th April 2006
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NOTE FOR THE VERY DIM. Although every question on these VERY PERSONAL PROBLEMS pages is a genuine plea for help from some desperately sad tosser, our witty, literate answers are entirely satirical and NOT to be taken seriously! What do you mean 'not to be taken seriously?' Do you mean you're deliberately taking the piss out of people with very personal problems? We might be.. You heartless bitches! Look, we didn't ask the clueless wankers to write to us, did we? No...but— But what? Well...some of these people need HELP?! I'll say; so why are they writing to a site called 'Utterpants'? Where does it say that? At the top of every page on the site in letters an inch high. Couldn't you make it a bit more obvious? Well—we could, but then the desperately sad tossers might not write to us. Would that be a bad thing? Not for them, obviously. But we'd be well gutted. Why's that? Well, we couldn't take the piss out of the desperately sad tossers and their VERY PERSONAL PROBLEMS, could we?

Kate asks: Well i was so close 2 going out wiv this boy...

Jojo asks: I just can't be happy

Lisa asks: This guy acts like he likes me one day, then doesn't the next

Steve asks: Until recently I had an ordinary sex life

Charlotte asks: I'm lesbian and about a month ago my pussy...

Jimmy asks: My girl friend won't let me lick her jazzy jeff

Rachel asks: My boyfriend of eight months is divorced

Zebra asks: I can't have an orgasm from intercourse

Abigail asks: I love to masturbate

Lucy asks: I just don't know where I stand with my best friend

Sandra asks: I am having an affair with a Bus Driver

Amie asks: My boyfriend would rather play with himself than have sex with me

Miriam asks: When it's time to get an orgasm I don't know how to let it go

Emma asks: I fancy this guy like mad

Gareth asks: I haven't washed my hair, body or anything for 15 years

Jeneen asks: I think my boyfriend is cheating on me

Cherelle asks: My boyfriend cannot keep his penis erect

Peter asks: I was caught on camera 'pleasuring' myself. What do I do?

Joyce asks: My boyfriend will not sleep with me

Tina asks: I think im a lesbian coz i fancy my teacher

Alicia asks: Why do I have pubic hair on my vagina?

Shyran asks: No matter how I shave my legs they never go smooth

Jess asks: I'm 13 and I think I'm a lesbian

Arnold asks: I met a girl where I have just felt this chemistry between us

James asks: I was unable to get it up all night and the next day

Lila asks: Would it be wrong to try and seduce my brother?

Alan asks: I have been crossdressing for five years now

Keith asks: Who publishes 'Spanking for Pleasure' please?

Annie asks: I want to spank my man

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FOR THE VERY DIM. Our Problem Pages are a satirical parody and not to be taken seriously
Very Personal problems
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Very Personal problems
Men - can't get it up?
Men - do you have trouble getting it up?
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Very Personal problems
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Very Personal problems
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Very Personal problems
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