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Bruno Bozzetto: hilarious animationsBruno Bozzetto: hilarious animations
How to satisfy your lover
How to satisfy your lover

Bruno Bozzetto is a hugely talented Italian cartoon animator, justly acclaimed for his many outstanding political and satirical animations. His best-known work is probably the 1976 feature film 'Allegro Non Troppo', a montage of short pieces set to classical music in the manner of Disney's Fantasia, but more humorous in nature, economical in execution and with more sophisticated narrative themes.

Neuro - a short animation by Bruno Bozzetto
Neuro - click to play the movie

Born in Milano, Italy, in 1938, Bruno made his first animated short film in 1958, when he was 20: "Tapum! The weapons' story". Since then, he has produced hundreds of feature films that continue to make audiences laugh and think. His imaginative animations have been winning awards at international festivals and delighting European audiences for three decades.

Bruno Bozzetto presents: 'Life' - short Flash animationIn recent years, Bruno Bozzetto has turned his hand to Flash cartoons that take a wry and perceptive look at contemporary attitudes and social mores. The short examples we've featured on this page—"Neuro" and "Life" are typical of his idiosyncratic and highly original style that eschews complexity in favour of simple graphics, lively animation and non-verbal soundtracks to satirise the obsessions and problems of our neurotic and wasteful western society. Click here for Bruno's perceptive and wonderfully economical commentary on the differences between men and women!

Bruno Bozzetto was presented with the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Zagreb Animation Festival in 1998.

Bruno Bozzetto
Interested readers are strongly urged to visit Bruno's own website (requires Flash) by clicking this link to savour the delightful creations of this masterly animator and storyteller.
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How to satisfy your lover
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Neuro - hilarious flash cartoon by Bruno Bozzetti
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