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Power breakfast

Apple Computer added new meaning to the term 'Power Breakfast' with the release of their 1.25GHz PowerBooks. Always renowned for hitting us with seriously hot stuff, this luxurious laptop almost set our pants on fire

An exclusive report by man under the Mac, Derek Tree

A dedicated team of enthusiastic gastronauts gave two Powerbooks a thorough grilling to see how quickly they can deliver a bacon MacSandwich. Here's how they made a mouth-watering sarnie.
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Take one hot PowerBook..
1.Take one hot PowerBook and place keyboard down on a flat surface. Let it come up to full operating temperature. (Regulo 0.001)

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..cover with foil and add 2 rashers of bacon
2. Carefully cover the laptop with aluminium foil (we wouldn't want you to get any bacon juices in the vents!). Exhaustive tests proved conclusively that laying down the foil shiny side up gives the best results.
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choose your bacon with care..
3. Our testers used unsmoked premium bacon — but the gastronauts among you may well prefer heavily smoked back (Ms Givings certainly does).
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add a second Powerbook..
4. Add another layer of foil (shiny side down) and then cover with the second PowerBook. The bacon will be done to a turn in less than 3 hours - so now may be a good time to butter the bread. Our testers report that timing is important. Digital timers are OK, but stuff just seems to taste better with analogue.
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Get grilling!
5. After thirty minutes the bacon was just changing colour...
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Voila! MacSandwich to go!
6. Voila! After two hours and forty-seven minutes the bacon is done!
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If you ever find yourself stranded with two laptops and a pack of bacon, there is no need to pop out for a packet of crisps!

Story and pictures provided by kind courtesy of Martin Orpen of Idea Digital.
A very clever man with a box brownie and a copy of Photoshop.
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