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We are not afraid of tackling the difficult subjects and adult themes other sites shy away from. Our 'politically 'incorrect', British sense of humour, originality, and hard-hitting style have made Utterpants one of the most highly regarded Satire and humour sources on the Internet. But don't take our word for it, read what visitors and webmasters are saying about us:

Utterpants is a site after our own hearts which fully understands the link between smut and satire and isn't afraid to tackle difficult subjects
The Sleaze

Utterpants have established a unique reputation for satirising the seamy underbelly of the news and are justly infamous for their hilarious coverage of the antics of clueless celebrities around the world.
Mr Satire

What a website! Utterpants combines Intelligent writing, sex and satire of the tallest order!
John Froehook

As always, your talented writers' exceedingly sophisticated Mastery of the English language and gift for Artful exposition make for a splendid Journey in your most delightful pants.
The Watley Review

Here’s a site packed full of funny stories, satire, adult humour and more. If you fancy a good laugh Utterpants could be just what you are looking for

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