McDonald's gave bad advice to the overweight McDonald's gave bad advice to the overweight

By nutritional analyst, Miranda S Givings
New research has revealed that clinically obese people who eat burgers and fries are being given "shockingly bad advice" by McDonald's and other fast-food outlets

Researchers found McDonald's staff failing to warn shoppers of the dangers of a high cholesterol, nutritionally deficient diet, increasing the risk of weight-challenged customers damaging their health and developing serious diseases such as facial zits, genital warts and telelepsy — or couch potato syndrome as it is more colloquially known.

The Very Large Consumers Association, which carried out the undercover research, says the results emphasise the urgent need for tighter regulation of the fast-food industry.

Specially selected researchers with type 1 obesity; characterised as heavy smokers weighing over 200 pounds, with red hair and chronic chocolate or lager addiction, visited 42 fast food outlets across the UK in May this year. Each researcher ordered a Big Mac meal with extra fries, a party-sized milkshake and a McChocolate desert. Female researchers then asked Staff three key questions: 'Will this make me fat, is this a nutritionally-balanced meal and does my bum look big in these dungarees?' Male researchers skipped the last question, except those who were gay, who asked if they should wax more often.

Women with type 1 obesity are among those at highest risk of developing obesity-related disorders due to their high cholesterol levels, insatiable greed, low self-esteem, poor sex drive and facial hair. Nevertheless, 40 out of the 42 outlets visited said they would allow a woman with type 1 obesity to buy a Big Mac — or even a triple Cheeseburger with a side order of McMuffins and fries.

Just under half the 40 stores were members of The Better Burger Association whose code of practice states members should turn away people with type 1 obesity. Just two outlets — a roadside bistro operating from a small camper van in a lay-by and short, thin bloke selling veggie burgers on London's Oxford Street — were deemed to offer an 'adequate' service, although neither correctly advised overweight customers not to mix doughnuts with burgers.

The McDonald's corporation has branded the investigation as 'flawed'.
A anonymous spokestypeperson told us: "The criteria for evaluating and grading the service provided meant that all of the facilities visited were highly likely, if not definite to be given an 'inadequate' grading. Our staff are trained to cook and serve meals, not evaluate complex medical conditions."

The Very Large Consumers Association was scathing in it's counter attack.
"Look, you don't sell fags to some old geezer with nicotine stained fingers with an oxygen cylinder strapped to his back who's coughing his guts out, do you? McDonald's blatantly served burgers and greasy fries to very large, ugly people who shouldn't be eating anything more fattening than yoghurt—low fat, of course. We call that downright irresponsible!"

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