Funny stories
Funny stories and satirical articles
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Funny stories and satirical articles
Funny Stories
Funny stories and satirical articles
Funny stories and satirical articles to amuse and provoke the literate reader
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Funny Stories
Easter Sermon Easter Sermon
It is with the very greatest pleasure that we publish this thoughtful sermon by the Very Reverend Nathaniel FitzSimmons who has recently joined us as our Chaplain. Recorded by How Tenji and Miranda Givings MORE
The Last Supper The Last Supper
An Easter story for our Times by How Tenji and Miranda Givings in which the disciples discover there is a heavy price to be paid for a free lunch at Pizza Hut. MORE
Denim Sue's Wiltshire Diary Denim Sue's Wiltshire Diary
A Rabelasian ramble through the ramshackle mind of a woman with far too much time on her hands and not enough sense to keep her thoughts to herself. MORE
Little Red Riding Hood Little Red Riding Hood
A shocking adult fairy tale of unnatural appetites, unholy lust and unspeakable evil... Miranda Givings & Keli McTaggart bare all. MORE
Sex Swop Sex Swop
A Wedding Guest gets more than he bargained for when he accepts an unusual proposition. Doug Jewell reveals all. MORE
No Sex Tonight! No Sex Tonight!
How Tenji discovers that male sexual politics prove are no match for the sheer bloodymindedness of women MORE
The First Noel The First Noel
A Christmas Story for our Times by a man who is no stranger to lying down with the lamb, How Tenji MORE
Phone Sex foils Suicide Attempt Phone Sex foils Suicide Attempt
Jenny Corvette reveals how a sweet talking, sexy samaritan saved man from certain death.. MORE
Bad Girls Toys Bad Girls Toys
Jennifer Gardner discovers a novel use for a Craftsman screwdriver that leaves her wide-eyed and legless.. MORE
One of our submarines is missing One of our submarines is missing
A salty tale of high jinx on the high seas in five riveting installments by our matelots between decks, How Tenji and Miranda Givings MORE
Trick or Treat Trick or Treat
Keli McTaggart tells a funny adult story about two cocky young Chavs out on the blag on Halloween.. MORE
Court Proceedings Court Proceedings
Clive Washington discovers that serving Queen and Country is not quite as rewarding as he imagined.. MORE
Pussy Amateur Nude Teen Slut Pussy Amateur Nude Teen Slut
Don Pitts gets a nasty surprise when he sees his new baby grand daughter.. MORE
Lawnmower Man Lawnmower Man
Jobe Smith recounts how his wife's passionate love affair with her lawnmower threatened his domestic bliss.. MORE
The Penis Paragraphs The Penis Paragraphs
Disgruntled dick complains to pugnacious pussy about intolerable working conditions. Jennifer Gardner and Don Pitts strip away the crotchless panties.. MORE
Threesomes: not all they're cracked up to be Threesomes
Don Pitts explodes the myth of the 'threesome'; everybody’s sexual fantasy. Men dream of two beautiful women dedicated to bringing them to the peak of sexual ecstasy...MORE
How not to save your marriage How not to save your marriage
Derek Tree recounts the cautionary tale of a remorseful Peer of the Realm who pleads with his wife to take him back and give their marriage another chance..MORE
If my Pussy smells like Tuna, why doesn't my Cat eat me out? If my Pussy smells like Tuna why doesn't.. cat eat me out? Jennifer Gardner answers the question every woman who has ever been mistaken for a fish and chip shop is afraid to ask by conducting a scientific experiment between the sheets....MORE
The Evils of Coffee The Evils of Coffee
Mercedes Dannenberg spills the beans about Coffee with a shocking 20th Century report that blows the poisonous froth off the greatest evil ever to threaten the health and wellbeing of women..MORE
How to satisfy your lover How to satisfy your lover
Miranda Givings gets a bit fruity on the hearthrug and ends up with a sticky face and a very dirty pair of knickers...MORE
Snow White and the Seven Dwarves Snow White and the Seven Dwarves
A Steamy Adult Fairy Tale with all the naughty bits the Brothers Grimm left out by Miranda Givings and Keli McTaggart...MORE
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Funny stories and satirical articles
Funny stories and satirical articles
Baron Crapulence of Chugley Harvard
Satire News
Satire News
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What's this section all about then?

Funny Stories is packed full of some of the most original and hilarious short stories you'll find anywhere on the internet.

From scathingly witty parodies of the literature of the last century like The Evils of Coffee and How to detect Self Abuse in Young Girls, through stories about Wrapping presents with a Cat, Performance Art and the Perils of Public Toilets, to advice on how not to save your marriage and the dangers of Threesomes, Funny Stories contains some of the very best writing Utterpants has to offer.

With such a wide range of outstanding material, it is almost impossible to single out anything that, er—stands out, but our adult version of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, the hilarious One of our Submarines is missing, as well as Jennifer Gardner's many stories, are all firm favourites with our readers.

Can there be a funnier title than If my Pussy smells like Tuna, why doesn't my Cat eat me out? We don't think so, nor have we read a better satire on the differences between men and women than The Penis Paragraphs - jointly written by Don Pitts and Jennifer Gardner.

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